The dioxin problem of Baltic herring will be addressed in a stakeholder workshop

International stakeholder workshop, which aims to explore and discuss the dioxin problem of Baltic herring, will be organized on 16th and 17th of February 2016 in Copenhagen. The following themes will be addressed:

1. Long-term prospects of Baltic herring fishing and changes in global market

2. Implications of dioxin to herring fishing sector

3. Perceptions of dioxin risk as a public health problem

4. Dioxin and other factors affecting consumers’ fish eating habits at present and in the future

Stakeholders representing herring fishing industry, dioxin and public health experts, environmental NGOs, consumer organizations, policy makers, and herring researchers are personally invited to participate in the workshop.

First blog entry outlines the themes and the aims of the project

In her first blog entry doctoral student Suvi Ignatius familiarizes the readers with the project’s main question; how to promote sustainable use of Baltic salmon and herring stocks while at same time taking into account the values of diverse stakeholder groups and public health in different Baltic Sea countries.