GOHERR scientists addressed governance and socio-ecological modelling in ICES ASC 2017

GOHERR scientists Päivi Haapasaari, Annukka Lehikoinen and Mia Pihlajamäki recently introduced governance and socio-ecological modelling related GOHERR research for the international community of marine scientists in the ICES Annual Science Conference. The conference was organized in 18-21 September 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Päivi Haapasaari discussed reorganizing the governance to support ecosystem-based fisheries management by drawing from the cases of Baltic salmon and herring. Annukka Lehikoinen introduced two systems analytic approaches to evaluate the sustainable use of Baltic herring and salmon. Mia Pihlajamäki analyzed the uncertain future of Baltic salmon and herring fisheries by combining exploratory scenarios and Bayesian belief networks.

For further information and abstracts, please visit the ICES ASC 2017 website.

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