International workshop on Baltic herring and dioxin in February

The dioxin problem of Baltic herring will be explored in a workshop on the 16th and 17th of February 2016 in Copenhagen. Approximately 15 stakeholders representing the fishing industry, environmental non-governmental organizations, consumers, administration, herring fisheries and dioxin experts, and other relevant interest groups from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark have been personally invited to participate.

The purpose of the workshop is first to discuss implications of dioxins to the herring fishing industry, the consumption of herring, and public health, and to elaborate future prospects for the herring fishing sector.

Second, alternative objectives, or desirable future states, for the herring fishing sector are defined, and actions to reach them are determined. Special interest is paid to potential changes in the uses of herring that might come up if dioxins in the fish are reduced.

The detailed agenda of the workshop can be found here

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